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South Dakota Parks and Recreation Association Founded | South Dakota History

On October 2, 1965, The South Dakota Parks and Recreation Association was founded. The SDPRA states its mission as “to promote the growth, status, and unity of all phases of parks, recreation, and leisure in the state of South Dakota.

The SDPRA is a professional association of people who manage or work in various municipal and regional parks and a variety of other recreational facilities around the state. It’s members include both public and private employees, from the state, cities, and others from the non-profit organization, and people owning or managing private park and recreational facilities. Including therapeutic recreation professionals and aquatics staff.

The association hosts a website and holds annual meetings to share best practices, exchange information, and award outstanding performance in the industry. Members are nominated for recognition in the categories of “Professional Service”, are given citations for “Individual and Organizational contributions”, and are recognized for “Community Excellence”.

The SDPRA states… “We’re a community. Our members work in every discipline in parks and recreation across the state. Our common goals are: “To improve public places and recreation in South Dakota.”

Production help is provided by Brad Tennant, Dakota Wesleyan University