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Dakota Midday: Dakota Political Junkies

Aug 24, 2016
City of Sioux Falls

Madison Daily Leader publisher Jon Hunter discussed the issues that have Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether at odds with others as he pursues a $25 million city administration building.  Hunter also visited about school attendance in the state as the new "Keeping Kids in School" campaign has been introduced.  Governor Dennis Daugaard has asked families to get behind South Dakota's observation of national Attendance Awareness Month in September. 

photo by Lori Walsh

Mato Tipila (in translation) appears on all three of the earliest maps of the region as “Bear Lodge” or “Bears Lodge.” Never as “Devils Tower.”

Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh journeyed to Mato Tipila to ask the question: How do we interact with the sacred when many of us approach as visitors?

She visited the park. She stayed for sunset. She asked Craig Howe for perspective.

Here is what she discovered - about the sacred, about tourism, about ancient narratives, and about unanswered questions.

Augustana University

Art and poetry go hand in hand. Artist Nancy Losacker and and poet Norma Wilson show just how to combine the two creative outlets in their joint-exhibit and new written collection "Rivers, Wings, and Sky." The South Dakota Arts Council has supported the duo since 2008, displaying their work at galleries throughout the region. Their final exhibit is on display at Augustana’s Center for Western Studies until October 22. The two join Dakota Midday to discuss their partnership, their friendship, and how inspiration is shared and expanded through collaboration.


As a top industry in the state, agriculture is on the minds of many South Dakotan voters. U.S. Representative Kristi Noem visits Midday to provide her insight on agriculture as she represents local farmers and producers in Washington, D.C. She also discusses the ongoing search for a compromise regarding Country of Origin Labeling, the importance of food supply to national security, and how South Dakotans consistently farm beyond next year’s crop.

Black Hills State University

Scholar Donovin Sprague joins Dakota Midday to discuss the life and legacy of Black Elk. From his spiritual guidance, his insight into the times in which he lived, and his vision and message for generations to come, Black Elk continues to guide and inspire.

Layne Putnam's new EP (as the indie rock duo LAYNE) is called The Black Hills. Putnam joins Dakota Midday to discuss her current tour, the inspiration of her childhood home, and the energetic music scene of Los Angeles.

LAYNE plays The Seed Theater in Rapid City on Monday, August 22.

Semester in Washington

Greg Lebel is the director of the Semester in Washington Politics Program at George Washington University. He's assistant professor of political management and also directs GWU's Native American Political Leadership Program. He joins Dakota Midday to discuss civility and ethics in an election year, the role of social media and cultural isolation in increased vitriol, and how listening to one another serves as the beginning for communication and compromise.

Haley Bonar Releases "Impossible Dream"

Aug 17, 2016

Rapid City native Haley Bonar released her new CD "Impossible Dream" earlier this month. In early September, she embarks on a tour that takes her through the Midwest and North Eastern United States, followed by 13 dates in Europe. Recently, she returned to her childhood home and sat down with SDPB News Director Charles Michael Ray to discuss her new CD and where she's at in her career as a singer, songwriter and musician.

Seth Tupper (Rapid City Journal enterprise reporter) and Dana Ferguson (Sioux Falls Argus Leader watchdog state government and political reporter) join Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh to discuss the politics of Black Elk Peak, the competitiveness of statehouse elections, and more.

Morningside College

Heath Weber is camp director for the Ambassadors of Excellence at the University of South Dakota. He serves as Dean of the College of Performing Arts at Morningside College, and grew up with South Dakota's gifted education program. He joins Dakota Midday to discuss how gifted students think, and the implications of a gifted education mandate in the state.

Charles Michael Ray

Eric Whitcher is director of the Public Defender's Office of Pennington County. He joins Midday to discuss the impact of criminal justice reform in South Dakota, the impact of SB70 in the state, and the intersection between poverty and justice.

Dakota Midday: Pressing The Reset Button

Aug 15, 2016
Charles Michael Ray

Author Sean Burke joins Dakota Midday after having spent a week at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Burke is touring the country in a 40-foot bus to encourage American voters to "press the reset button" in politics. Burke is the founder of Reset Our Gov, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that encourages Americans to head to the polls and address the country's staggering national debt. He's the author of the book How to Press America's Reset Button.

Charles Michael Ray

Author and Pastor Mary Nelson Keithahn visits about her new books, Embracing the Light: Reflections on God's Word and Elfie: Adventures on the Midwest Frontier. She considers herself a "spiritual descendent of the Separatists who landed in Plymouth in 1620. She also describes how her long life has added to her insight into the nature of God.

Dr. Ricardo Herrera, a professor at the School of Advanced Military Studies at Fort Leavenworth and a scholar of the Indian wars and the Army of that time, discusses the history and character of William S. Harney. As Harney Peak gives way to Black Elk Peak we'll learn about both men this week on Dakota Midday from scholars who have studied them.

Federal Defender

Federal public defender Neil Fulton joins Midday to dive into the issues of racial disparity in federal sentencing. Using Victoria Wicks’ conversation with Judge Viken as a starting point, Fulton explores the complexities from his perspective as a public defender.  He touches on Indian Country, the data collection problem and the perception of justice.

Fortis Publishing

Coming from a lower class family in a small town, one politician wants to inspire young people to pursue opportunities and improve current democracy.  Former Senator Larry Pressler has published a new book, Senator Pressler: An Independent Mission to Save Our Democracy. He says today's democracy is poisonous and voters are apathetic. Pressler wants to rediscover America's ethical core through education, journalism and self-esteem. He also touches on his background in Vietnam and his diverse philosophical and religious views.

Hawks for U.S. House

As one of South Dakota's largest industries, agriculture sows its way into the political landscape. Paula Hawks is the Democratic nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives. She cites country-of-origin labeling and loss of USDA's Conservation Reserve Program acres as major issues in state agriculture. She discusses the agriculture conversation in Washington, the Farm Bill, and preparations for the November election.

South Dakota Department of Corrections

Meth is continuing to be present in South Dakota. State officials are tasked with taking on the problem on a number of levels.

Denny Kaemingk is the Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Corrections and Amy Iverson-Pollreiz is the Deputy Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Social Services. They join Dakota Midday to talk about the state's drug policy and the people effected.

East River Nursery

Julie Hoffman of East River Nursery in Huron joins Dakota Midday to take questions about everything from getting rid of earwigs to getting seeds out of milkweed.

Kevin Woster

Dakota Midday hits  the road this week. Host Lori Walsh asked Dakota Political Junkie Kevin Woster to record some thoughts on driving across the state.

Democratic National Convention

The Dakota Political Junkies are back on Dakota Midday to talk about the week in politics. Kevin Woster is with the KELO-TV Rapid City Bureau and Jon Hunter is the publisher of the Madison Daily Leader.

They discuss everything from a possible meth epidemic in South Dakota to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Paula Hawks

The Democratic National Convention is taking place this week in Philadelphia. The convention is attended by South Dakota delegates including State Representative Paula Hawks.

Hawks joins Dakota Midday to discuss the convention so far and where the party stands in South Dakota and as a whole.

Civility Experts Worldwide

Does it ever seem like people have a different mentality online? An expert says being civil online is just as important as being civil face to face.

Lew Bayer is CEO of the multicultural training group Civility Experts Worldwide. She joins Dakota Midday to talk about social media manners and how people treat each other online.

Charles Michael Ray

The Off-Broadway Women's Project Theater is the  oldest and largest theater company that promotes women artists in the US. In business since 1978, the organization celebrates and incubates projects by theater artists who might never otherwise be heard.

Lisa McNulty is in her second year as producing artistic director for the theater. She joins Dakota Midday to talk about the industry and about how women should resist waiting for permission before producing their own creative work.

Veteran Benefits Administration

The Veterans Benefits Administration provides veterans with compensation and vocational rehabilitation. The Dakotas Regional Office covers more than 154,000 veterans and their families in South Dakota, North Dakota and parts of Minnesota.

Shawn Bohn was appointed as director of this office earlier in the year. He joins Dakota Midday to talk about trends in compensation and what VA is doing to reach veterans and respond to their needs.


Deb Brown and Becky McCray join Dakota Midday to discuss SaveYour.Town, a rural resource organization design to support innovation, leadership, and connection in rural America.

From upcoming webinars, to the power of Brain Gain, the popular bloggers discuss how small towns are thriving.

Dakota Resources

Last week the Rural Experience (X) Summit took place in Aberdeen. The gathering was meant to bring together ideas about improving rural South Dakota.

Beth Davis is the president of Dakota Resources, the organization that hosted the Rural X Summit. She talks about what people took away from the summit and possible solutions to rural problems.

The study of sustainability is much more than recycling. According to Dr. Sandra Marker, the study focuses on problem solving in a complex world.

A new online master's program at Black Hills State University is the first of its kind in the western United States. Marker, the program's coordinator, joins Midday to talk about the new degree program, growth in sustainability careers, and the wide array of interested students.

Kenzie Wagner

Architects are closing their slideshows to study hands-on innovation and collaboration in the Black Hills area. Design in the Hills is a conference of architecture professionals largely held outdoors. We’re joined by three architects to discuss the unique elements of design in the Black Hills spaces and the nature of the design professions in South Dakota. They also talk about exciting new projects in engineering, sculpture and design.

A historic home holds a past full of architectural surprises and stories. Kevin Ganz of Siouxland Heritage Museums in Sioux Falls discusses a chance for South Dakotans to experience some of the community's rich history during the 2016 Historic Homes Tour. Tour attendees will visit three historic homes in the Cathedral district of Sioux Falls. Ganz also mentions some interesting historic details and styles to expect on Thursday's tour.