In Play with Craig Mattick

In Play Conversations with Craig Mattick will have some of the more in-depth discussions in South Dakota – all things sports. Through these conversations, we’ll learn about the players, programs, and legends who helped shape the current sports landscape of the Mt. Rushmore State.

Rapid City native Kelvin Torve has surrounded himself with baseball for most of his life. He grew up and played American Legion baseball at Rapid City Post 22 for legendary South Dakota coach Dave Ploof. Professionally, Torve played for both the Minnesota Twins and New York Mets, before playing a couple seasons in Japan for the Orix BlueWave. Currently, Torve has returned to his roots and is the head coach of the Post-22 Hardhats team in Rapid City.  

In Play with Craig Mattick: Kris Tschetter

May 4, 2021

She's one of the greatest golfers in South Dakota history. Kris Tschetter, a graduate of Sioux Falls Washington, went on to have a two-and-a-half decade career on the LPGA Tour. In 1992, Tschetter won the Northgate Computer Classic, her lone win on the LPGA Tour. She also won the Walgreen's Charity Classic in 2015 on the LPGA Champions Tour.

In Play with Craig Mattick: Justin Horn

Apr 20, 2021

In 2003, Justin Horn of Tripp-Delmont won the 'B' boys state track and field team championship by himself. He was the lone qualifier for his school that year at the state meet, and Horn scored a total of 38 individual points to win the team title. 

In Play with Craig Mattick: George Amundson

Apr 7, 2021

He is South Dakota's high school record holder in the discus throw, was a college football All-American for Iowa State, and is a former first round pick in the National Football League. George Amundson, who grew up in Aberdeen, has had quite a life in sports. To this day, his discus throw of 211 ft 4 in. in 1969 is the longest held record in South Dakota high school track and field. 

Seventy-two games, six tournaments, and two weekends - the South Dakota high school basketball championships invaded five different communities over the last couple of weeks. All six state championship coaches (Jared Bouman - White River, Derek Larson - Aberdeen Roncalli, Jamie Parish - Sioux Falls Washington, Jeff Gruenhagen - De Smet, Mike Schouten - Sioux Falls Christian, and Mitch Begeman - Sioux Falls Roosevelt) joined Craig Mattick to recap their teams success during this year's event.

Armour's girls basketball program is one of just three in state history to win five straight state titles. From 1983 to 1987, the Packers were the top dog in 'B' girls hoops. It was one of the original true dynasties in South Dakota sports history. Former players Dana (Nielsen) Honner, Theresa (Wetham) Skinner, Candi (Nielsen) Musiel, Jodi (Pipes) Altenburg, and Wanda (Hornstra) Dally joined 'In Play with Craig Mattick,' along with former coach Ron Webber. 

For more than a decade, Sturgis wrestling was arguably the top program in the state. From 1998-2011, the Scoopers were state champions six times in Class A, five of those coming over the span of six years. They also were runner-up three-times as well over this fourteen year stretch. Longtime Sturgis wrestling coach Steve Keszler and former Scooper wrestlers Seth Lange, Nate Oviatt, Josh Keszler, and Caleb Chapman all joined the program to reminisce about this historic run. 

In Play with Craig Mattick: Larry Luitjens

Feb 9, 2021

Long time coach Larry Luitjens is one of the most successful coaches in South Dakota high school history. Throughout his 45-year career of coaching boys basketball, he won 748 games, which is the state record in boys' high school hoops for the Mt. Rushmore state. He also won seven state titles throughout his career.

The Sioux Falls Roosevelt girls basketball program went on a record breaking run of 111 consecutive wins from 1997-2001. During this span, Fred Tibbetts' Rough Riders also won five-straight state championships. Assistant Coaches Larry Toft, Denise Klein, and Nate Malchow, and former player Courtney Farrell all joined ‘In Play with Craig Mattick’ to talk about this historical run. 

In Play with Craig Mattick: Randy Lewis

Jan 12, 2021

He's one of the most physically gifted wrestlers in South Dakota history. Randy Lewis, a native of Rapid City, was a three-time state champion at Stevens high school, a two-time NCAA champion at the University of Iowa, and an Olympic gold medalist at the 1984 Olympic Games for Team USA. He truly is 'the toughest kid on the block.'

Since 1976, the Lakota Nation Invitational has been the top high school basketball invitational in South Dakota. What started as purely a basketball event, the LNI now consists of everything from cultural and academic events to a multiple arts and crafts competitions as well. The action on the court, though, still drives fans, players, and schools to Rapid City each December for this annual event.

In Play with Craig Mattick: A Dominating Trio

Dec 2, 2020

Northwestern, Sioux Falls Christian, and O'Gorman all won state volleyball championships in 2020. Between the three of them, they combined for only two losses on the year. Both Northwestern and Sioux Falls Christian only saw one defeat, and it was against the Lady Knights.

In Play with Craig Mattick: High School Mascots

Nov 18, 2020

Lions and Tigers, and Bears – oh my. Mascots have been part of school pride for a very long time, and in South Dakota – it’s no different. Jerry Miller, who wrote the book ‘South Dakota High School Mascots, Nicknames & Logos Past and Present’ joined the program to discuss some of the trends he’s seen with mascots in the Mt. Rushmore State over the years.

In Play with Craig Mattick: Jill Christensen

Nov 3, 2020

Jill Christensen is the all-time winningest high school coach in South Dakota history with 837 career wins. Throughout her 36-year career with Volleyball in Parker, she led the Pheasants to 14 state volleyball tournament appearances, which included a state championship in 1990.  Guests include Jill Christensen, Rylie Christensen, and Laurel Laubach. 

The Claremont Honkers to this day hold the longest football win streak in South Dakota history. Over a span of six seasons, this 6-man football team won a remarkable 61 straight games.

Marc Rasmussen, Marv Rasmussen, Lyle Cutler, and Roger Andrews all joined 'In Play with Craig Mattick' to discuss this remarkable run that was known throughout the nation.

From 1993 through 2007, the West Central Trojans won 11 state football championships.  Jim Uttecht, Kent Mueller and Chad Morrison join Craig Mattick to discuss that unprecedented title run.

In Play with Craig Mattick: Harold Thune

Sep 22, 2020

When you think of basketball and Murdo, South Dakota , Harold Thune has to be one of the first things that comes to mind. Growing up, he was one, if not the best basketball player in the state. Harold Thune recently passed away at the age of 100, but his legacy as a player, a Navy Fighter Pilot, and then later a basketball coach, will live on in history forever.

In Play with Craig Mattick: Covid and Fall Sports

Sep 8, 2020

It was unknown if South Dakota was going to have high school sports and activities this fall. While the landscape of the current format was set up through the South Dakota High School Activities Association, it's up to the individual schools to create their own protocols. Also, football amongst the native schools has been moved to the spring.

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