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Tech Radio answers your toughest computer and tech questions. SDPB Director of Digital. Heard alternating Fridays.

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Join the panel of experts talking on a variety of tech topics.

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On the May 3rd Techradio we talk about the implecations of World Password Day, talk ElderTech with SDPB's Heather Benson, and try to tackle some of the Facebook news-o-the-week. 

April 5th TechRadio

Apr 5, 2019

Kent, Joel, Jeff, and Amos talk about the tech news and innovations of the day.

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Much chatter this week about the world-wide Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp outage - why server configurations are scary, another ElderTech installment on FaceBook privacy settings, and much more. 

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On today's TechRadio we talk to Amos and Jeff about MWC news, Amazon, and Tesla...

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Lemonly's John T. Meyer, Mac Guru Joel Broveleit, and BIT's Jeff Litterick join host Kent Osborne for a disucssion of the latest tech news.

Much Facebook news was discussed and listener questions were answered about antivirus and malware programs as well as the dark web.


Today on Techradio we spoke about a broadband initiative announced by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. We also discussed the tech news of the day and offered tips for following up on tech gifts to the elderly.

Panelists answer listener questions and review the year, then look forward to 2019.

Troubling privacy concerns, Apple updates, and some surprising Edge news on the Dec. 7th Techradio

The panel of experts discuss the news of the day, address online privacy, and highlight some of their favorite gift ideas heading into Black Friday.

Amos, Joel, and John T join Kent in a rolling discussion of Facebook and junk news.   Also Joel rolls out news on new Mac software and hardware.

October 19th Techradio

Oct 23, 2018

Kent and the panel discuss self driving cars, a proper security posture that includes - s l o w i n g   d o w n - and an upcoming Hack Sioux Falls event.


Techradio 10/05/18

Oct 5, 2018

Lots of interesting tech happenings from the week.  

Join TechRadio host Kent Osborne as he welcomes Joel, Jeff, and special guest Thad Giedd for an hour of tech talk.

Join panelists William Bushee, Amos Aesophe, John T. Meyer for another edition of Techradio.  In our second segment we were joined by the e-sports coordinator for the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for an interesting discussion of the benefits taking the club esport mainstream.

Join the panel of tech experts as we discuss the news of the day and answer listener questions.

On todays TechRadio our panel talks about Lawmakers call on Amazon and Google to reconsider ban on domain fronting . We talk cloud storage and computing with Tim Barry, and more.

On the July 6, 2018 edition of TechRadio the geeks talk about the Apple Stores 10th Birthday, cave rescue tech, take an antivirus question from a listener, and find out what is Amos' new favorite game.

Encouraging STEM activities in kids

Join host Kent Osborne and tech gurus Joel and Jeff for our twice monthy adventure in All Tech SD.


The FBI seized control of a botnet and asks us all to reboot our routers and make sure that the firmware in them is up to date.  We talk about the latest news of the day including an unplausable Alexa problem.

Special guest William Bushee stopped by to discuss Arduino Day - what arduino is and why there is a day - and how you can get involved. Arduino makes single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objects in the physical and digital world and there will be demos and fun for all ages May 12th in Sioux Falls.

We also talked about several "F8" announcements from Facebook including their plan to disrupt dating, expand VR with Oculus GO, and further develop Instagram stories on Facebook.  

Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Facebook privacy concerns dominated the program today, but we also spoke about cloudflare's new DNS service, and a quick update on net neutrality. 

March 16th Techradio

Mar 16, 2018

Join our panel of tech experts as we discuss South By Southwest, autonomous vehicles, and more.

Interersting perceptions among different age groups in a survey about online privacy.

On today's Techradio we talk about an upcoming 90 day challenge for youth called Hack Sioux Falls with William Bushee.  

We talk about huge Ddos attack that should have never happened, and more.

Kent, Joel, Amos, and Jeff talk tech, keep you updated on the latest news, and answer listener questions.

February 2nd TechRadio

On today's Techradio we talk about the Specter & Meltdown unpatch.  We pay respects to LISA, and talk about the YouTube/Twitch showdown.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Technologists Amos Aesoph and Jeff Litterick explain what we know about 2 flaws in processing chips.  We look ahead to CES 2018 and take listener questions on the January 5th edition of Techradio.