WWII Veteran Harold Jansen To Speak At Ellsworth

Aug 6, 2015

WWII veteran Harold Jansen of Rapid City will talk about his experiences as a U.S. Navy Ensign when the United States sought to retake the Philippines during the Battle of Leyte in October, 1944.  His presentation, sponsored by the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group, takes place on Saturday from 9:00-11:30 a.m. at Ellsworth Air Force Bases's South Dakota Air and Space Museum in Box Elder.  Jansen was present at the final dramatic confrontation between a far superior Japanese battleship armada against a lightly defended, but crowded American beachhead at Leyte.  He shared a portion of his experiences as he spoke with guest host Cara Hetland Thursday.

Harold Jansen in 1944.
Credit www.battlestory.org