Winter American Indian Art Market Opening In RC

21 hours ago

Black Friday has big cooperate deals, but Shop Local Saturday gives a boost to smaller businesses. The Winter American Indian Art Market is bringing around 40 artists to Rapid City offering one of a kind, handmade gifts. The event is rescheduled to this coming weekend following winter weather conditions.


Rural America Initiatives has been hosting the Winter American Indian Art Market for five years. Deborah Gangloff is the organizer. She says it’s a great way to get artists exposure. 


“When they bring their work, they might be artists who create pieces that are worth thousands and thousands of dollars. But they might bring their more modest sized pieces or more affordable pieces with just the idea that people will be shopping for Christmas.”


Gangloff says this market is unique because it isn’t juried. 


“The only criteria is your work must be handmade and you bust be an enrolled member of a recognized tribe and you yourself or a member of your family has to be at your booth.” 


The event is one of two major Native art markets in Rapid City. Gangloff says it’s funded by grants and doners. 


“We try to get a lot of artists involved who may not have ready access to markets in Rapid City. And likewise the buyers can come and meet artists they might not ordinarily have an opportunity to meet.” 


The market is Sunday at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn in Rapid City.