USD Professor Examines What's Next in ISIS Fight

Sep 11, 2014

In an address to the nation last night, President Obama outlined his administration’s strategy against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. He announced a broad campaign that includes American airstrikes in Syria and the deployment of 475 more military advises to Iraq.

President Barack Obama addresses the nation from the White House on Sept. 10, 2014
Credit Saul Loeb/AP

During his 14-minute speech, the President sought to dispel concerns that the U.S. was repeating the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and said that he would not send combat troops into the conflict. The operation will also involve Saudi Arabia hosting the training of Free Syrian Army militia.

University of South Dakota political science professor Tim Schorn joined Dakota Midday to discuss President Obama's strategy and the complex alliances involved. Schorn teaches Middle Eastern politics and is director of USD’s International Studies Program.