Thune: South Dakota Could Swing US Presidential Nomination

Apr 14, 2016

U.S. Senator John Thune

U-S Senator John Thune says South Dakota could play a role in the presidential nomination process.
The state’s small population means primary delegates rarely make up a swing vote.  But Thune says it could be a tight primary race this year for either party.
“I’ve said we need to let the process play out.  South Dakota is going to vote here in a couple of months and we will see what they decide and actually may be the case this year that South Dakota’s vote matters and is determinative in terms of picking the nominee on the Republican side perhaps even on the Democratic side," says Thune
Thune says all bets are off going into the GOP convention. Recent nationwide polling shows Donald Trump maintains a double digit lead.   Thune says he hopes the party can rally behind the eventual nominee. Thune is not endorsing anyone in the presidential primary.  He says he may not make any endorsement before the convention.