Thune, Johnson Want Full Mueller Report Released

Apr 5, 2019


All three members of South Dakota’s delegation to congress say the Mueller report should be made public.

Last week, Senator Mike Rounds says he wants as much of the report released as possible. The others agree.

US Attorney General William Barr released a summary of the Mueller report findings late last month. The Mueller reports is nearly 400 pages long, but so far, the American public has gotten a four page summary from the attorney general.

Freshman South Dakota Republican Representative Dusty Johnson says all that’s legally allowable to get released--should.

“We’ve spent 22 months and $25 million—dozens of attorneys and dozens of investigators to try to get to the bottom of this. I think American people, American citizens, the tax payer, I think they’ve got a right to see what the final result is,” Johnson says. “To the maximum extent allowable under the law, that report should be made available. Let’s get the truth out there and then I think we can worth through and try to understand what it means.”

US Senator John Thune is the third ranking Republican in the senate. He says he hopes all of it is made public. He says transparency is the best answer.

“More is better and hopefully that will be forthcoming soon,” Thune says. “My understanding is after they make sure there aren’t any classified issues that are in there, or other grand jury testimony—that sort of thing—that would put perhaps innocent people’s lives in jeopardy, then I think they will release it. I hope they release it all.”

Thune says he hopes the report’s release is coming soon.