Storm Moving Slow In Eastern South Dakota

Mar 31, 2014

Snow is falling in the western part of South Dakota but most of the east is clear. Dave Hintz (Hints) is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Aberdeen. He says the storm is moving slowly right now in Aberdeen, Watertown and Sioux Falls.

"What is going on is the low pressure system has slowed a little bit with its ejection coming out of Colorado-Nebraska and this has allowed more warm and dry air to kind of punch into the eastern part of South Dakota. So things are setting up a little slower then what we had previously thought they would be," Hintz says.

Hintz says the Watertown area could also experience thunderstorms later today. He says blizzard warnings are in effect throughout the central part of the state, but that doesn't necessarily mean a lot snow is falling. The meteorologist says the winds and visibility are more of the concern then actual snow. The National Weather Service advises people travel with caution.