Statehouse Podcast: Nursing Home Beds, IM-22, Invite To President Trump

Jan 24, 2017

Governor Dennis Daugaard supports the efforts to repeal I-M 22. 

By a single vote, the State Senate Education Committee will have the full senate look at a bill that exempts teachers from penalties for teaching scientific theories that aren’t necessarily based on fact.

Some South Dakota lawmakers want to loosen regulations on nursing home beds. One measure allows nursing homes to move certain beds within organizations…or sell them. 

The State Senate wants President Donald Trump to come to South Dakota.  The full Senate has approved a resolution to invite the President to South Dakota.  Senators say they “most especially” would like Mr. Trump to visit Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial.  

The State’s Bureau of Information and Telecommunication wants legal authority to perform criminal background checks on current and potential employees.