Statehouse Podcast: IM-22 Repeal Headed To Governor, Amazon Collects Sales Tax

Feb 1, 2017

Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed the first bill of the 2017 Legislative Session into law. House Bill 1006 clarifies the timeline for posting notices for public meetings.

Amazon is now collecting sales tax from South Dakota residents. The Seattle-based company had been slow to collect sales taxes in small and sparsely populated states where it doesn't have a facility. Officials say the agreement with Amazon will help the state meet revenue goals.

An Aberdeen man at the center of the EB-5 controversy has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors. Fifty-three-year-old Joop Bollen has pleaded guilty to one of five felony counts in a financial misconduct case.

The South Dakota State legislature has repealed the voter approved campaign finance and ethics package. The next step is the governor’s desk, where he says he’ll sign the measure.

South Dakota state lawmakers ended debate on a bill that increases the number of signatures needed to put a measure on the ballot. SB 67 requires signatures from at least 10 percent of all registered voters. Right now initiated measures need 10 percent of all total votes for governor. State Senator Jeff Partridge sponsors the bill to increase petition support. He asked to withdraw the legislation, but the Senate State Affairs committee tabled the bill instead.