Statehouse Podcast: Governor Signs IM22 Repeal, Food Tax, Anti-Corruption Legislation

Feb 2, 2017

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has signed House Bill 1069. This is the repeal and revision of certain provisions related to campaign finance and to declare an emergency. 

A bill supported by Democrats in the South Dakota legislature eliminates the state sales tax on food. State Representative Ray Ring from Vermillion sponsors House Bill 1119. He says the change will help people with lower incomes.

The state Senate has approved a bill targeting potential public corruption that imposes new criminal conflict-of-interest penalties for public officials. The chamber voted unanimously to send the bill to the House. Republican Sen. Stace Nelson says officials who illegally use taxpayer money violate the public trust and should be held responsible.

A bill moving through the legislature mandates women seeking abortions receive the phone number to an organization fighting sex trafficking. 

A panel of lawmakers supports a bill that helps educate students with behavior issues without parents giving up custody.