State Lawmaker To Bring Egyptian Trade Delegation In October

Aug 27, 2019

One state lawmaker says he’s bringing a trade delegation from Egypt to South Dakota in October.

Democratic Representative Michael Saba says the state must aggressively look for other markets.

“The state should be more involved in this,” Saba says. “As a state representative of the people, I’m taking it upon myself to represent those people in a direct sense and not wait for the state to put these trade delegations together. We haven’t had trade delegations for years, now, from South Dakota. Part of it is we’re sitting here waiting for business to come to us.”

A trade delegation from Asia visited the state about two years ago.

Saba says it’s imperative the state work hard on bringing dollars in from outside the United States.

Saba says Egypt is one of the top ten purchasers of soybeans from the United States. He says current Chinese tariffs expose how dependent agriculture is with one market.