Spring Flood Risk Above Average

Feb 24, 2014

Rapid Creek out of its banks during high water in the summer of 2008. Given the ground saturation and other factors the risk of flooding in 2014 is higher than normal.

Officials with the National Weather Service say the Black Hills has an increased chance of flooding this spring.   Heavy rains in the fall coupled with the major October blizzard left behind saturated ground and full reservoirs.   Weather service officials say any extra spring rains could lead to high water.  

Susan Sanders with the National Weather Service in Rapid City says once the weather starts to warm up ice jams could also lead to localized flooding in some areas.

“We have a good potential for ice jam flooding too, because there were some higher levels in the rivers so when the temperature got cold all that water froze so there is a lot of ice in the streams,” says Sanders.

Sanders says the possibility of widespread flooding this spring depends on the weather and the amount of precipitation.   She notes that anyone who wishes to buy flood insurance should begin the process soon.  She says flood insurance must be purchased through FEMA 30 days prior to any damage claim.