South Dakota UJS Seeks Facebook Frends

Jul 15, 2013

Using your iPhone to record video during a South Dakota Supreme Court hearing is a real no-no.    
But from outside the court room you can now find the South Dakota Unified Judicial System on Facebook and Twitter for the first time.    
The UJS has joined social media.   
You should not expect to see Justices tweeting opinions from the bench anytime soon—but officials do hope the move will help the third branch of government connect and interact with the public in a new way.
Greg Sattizahn is the spokesperson for the South Dakota UJS.

The Seal of the South Dakota Supreme Court

“We’ve got really a lot going on in the courts if you think about the major criminal justice reforms that were just passed this legislative session, and things like where there is information the public would be interested in.  And, maybe they aren’t quite as aware of what the courts are doing, and, this is a chance for us to kind of talk about what we’re doing and have people communicate with us and let us know what they need.  So, people can just have access to the courts and more of an understanding about what we do on a regular basis,” says Sattizahn.   

You can find the new  SD UJS Facebook page here.

The SD UJS Twitter page is here.

You can find the Main UJS page here with link to other social media sites.