South Dakota Department Of Transportation Requests Hay Removal From State Highway Right Of Way

Sep 5, 2013

The South Dakota Department of Transportation is asking farmers and ranchers to remove hay bales from the right of way on state highways.

Kristi Sandal is with the DOT.

"We ask farmers and ranchers to remove their hay bales from the right of way each year because it creates a safety hazard as far as sight distance and when winter sets in it can cause drifting and an unsafe roadway for several reasons," says Sandal. 

Sandal says the removal of hay bales is not a problem in South Dakota, and that this is just an annual reminder. She says there are very few bales that the DOT has to remove from the roads themselves.

Once farmers bale the hay they are supposed to have it removed from the highway right of way within 30 days, but the final deadline is October 1st.