Snow Storm Weakens For Northeast South Dakota

Apr 3, 2014

The east to northeast part of South Dakota is still expected to get snow, but the National Weather Service claims it won’t be as much as originally projected in some areas. Meteorologist Troy Kleffman is with the National Weather Service in Aberdeen. He says dry air in the northeast area is causing experts to downgrade the storm.

"The storm is tracking a little farther south, a little farther east, then earlier anticipated. So we’ve kind of been backing off a little bit on snow amounts, particularly in the eastern part of the state. (We’re) still expecting maybe an inch or so, maybe up to three inches, parts of northeast South Dakota, I-29 and east of there," Kleffman says.

Kleffman says Watertown and the I-29 corridor were originally projected to get between four to eight inches of snow. He says the current snow projections show around one to four inches in that area. Kleffman says the only portion of the state not seeing decreasing data is the southeast portion. Experts predict that area of the state to still receive a solid amount of snow fall from around six to eight inches.