Sioux Falls Hosts A Cyber Security Conference

May 6, 2016

New Cyber Security guidelines put in place by the National Institute of Standards and Technology aim to better protect the country from cyber attacks.

Officials say foreign cyber attacks could target US businesses and critical infrastructure such as power plants and dams.

SDN Communications is holding a conference in Sioux Falls this week to teach area businesses and organizations about the importance of cyber security.

Over 150 people from around the region gathered at the Holiday Inn in downtown Sioux Falls this week to learn how to prevent cyber attacks. In 2013, a White House Executive Order– urged industries to voluntarily take measures to improving their own cyber security.

Jeff England is the Chief Financial Officer at Silver Star Communications. He says the voluntary aspect to the executive order calls on industry leaders to be responsible. England says a framework example was then created to help others.

"The framework itself is basically a guideline, it’s an organized way of putting together all of the industry best practices that exist out there," says England. "So that someone who maybe doesn’t have those types of resources can actually sit down and methodically go through those best practices towards improvement."

England says there’s no way to completely eliminate the risk for a cyber attack. But he says the risk percentage can be minimized. He says it’s important for businesses and organizations of South Dakota to take the issue of cyber security seriously.