Senator Makes The Rounds In Sioux Falls

Aug 8, 2018

In The Moment ... August 8, 2018 Show 396 Hour 1 & 2

US Senator Mike Rounds

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds met with constituents Tuesday afternoon at Grand Living on Lake Lorraine in Sioux Falls for coffee and a question and answer session. After an engaging hour of discussion which ranged from immigration to Russian interference in the most recent presidential election, Senator Rounds sat down with In the Moment host Lori Walsh for a one on one conversation.  The conversation picked up where the coffee left off as Rounds focused back in on Russian meddling in our elections and how the audience had such a diverse list of topics on which they wanted him to speak.

Among the most prevalent of recent issues, Rounds opened his remarks by discussing trade.  And in doing so, he was not afraid to explain where he differs with President Trump in light of how South Dakota has been affected by the president's trade policies.

Highlights from the Q & A session ranged from Social Security, Medicare and natural resources to guns and illegal immigration.