SDHSAA Reacts To New Legislation

Feb 4, 2014

SDHSAA Attorney Lindsey Riter-Rapp discusses the new legislation to the Activities Association staff members on Tuesday afternoon during a "special" meeting.
Credit Nate Wek / SDPB

South Dakota lawmakers are discussing ways to open up meetings and finances of the South Dakota High School Activities Association. There are two pieces of legislation that aim to make the Activities Association more public.

There are two bills before both the senate and house that open up  activity association meetings and finances. House Bill 1141 requires the activities association to comply with the state’s open meeting laws. Senate Bill 90 requires the open meeting laws as well but also requires the Activity Association to undergo an annual audit by the State Department of Legislative Audit. John Krogstrand is a staff member for the High School Activities Association. He says there’s no issue with making their meetings public.

"The openness and transparency for our organization, we have absolutely no problem. We want to be as open and honest and truthful with anybody that comes and asks us a question. Whether it’s about finances, classifications, whatever the case may be," Krogstrand says.

Krogstrand says the Activities Association confers with the sponsors on the proposed legislation.

"Really make sure that whatever comes out, if anything comes out of the state legislature that all that is accounted for. Again, no objections on this end to openness and honest and we’re going just going to continue and try to drive home that fact," Krogstrand says.

Krogstrand says the goal of doing what’s right for the students remains. He says the legal counsel of the Activities Association plans to continue work on a resolution or policy to ensure transparency with the public and state government