SD Congressional Delegation Backs Trump Halt On Refugees

Jan 30, 2017

Left to right: Senator Mike Rounds, Senator John Thune, Representative Kristi Noem

South Dakota’s three members of congress say they support President Donald Trump’s temporarily suspend refugees from entering the country.
They say safety and a better vetting process are cause for the ban…
Congresswoman Kristi Noem says her first priority is the security of the American people. She says she’s concerned about the screening process for refugees, especially, she says, from terrorist hotbed areas.
Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds echo concerns about the vetting process.
Thune says he opposes any religious test, but does support a security test. Thune says President Trump inherited a humanitarian crisis that was made worse by inaction from the Obama administration.
Senator Rounds says until the administration is confident it’s able to accept refugees with a high degree of certainty they are safe to come, he supports the ban.