SD College Grads Sticking Around

Dec 4, 2014

A new report shows if you go to college in South Dakota, you’ll likely stay here after graduation.  

The South Dakota Board of Regents study shows that a majority of residents who graduate college in South Dakota stay in the state.

Dr. Daniel Palmer, with the Regents,  authored the study.   He says keeping educated young people in South Dakota is a key to ensuring the state retains a talented workforce in the future.

“Across the nation not just in South Dakota it’s the case that more and more positions are going to require post-secondary credentials of some kind and I think that speaks to the need for redoubling of investment in higher education  to ensure that our pipeline of workers is adequate to meet the state’s future needs,” says Palmer.

Board of Regents officials say that by 2020, 65-percent of South Dakota jobs will require some level of postsecondary education.

The full study is posted here.