Sculpture Project Call For Writers

Mar 27, 2014

Masayuki Nagase’s Passage of Wind and Water sculpture project at Rapid City's Main Street Square.
Credit Photo by Jim Kent

The Passage of Wind and Water Arts Collaborative is looking for writers to submit material for a choral poem about Rapid City’s Main Street Square sculpture project.

Lend your voice and become part of a community collaboration through written word. That’s the message being sent out to area writers who’d like to share their thoughts, ideas, observations, and reflections as inspired by the Badlands or The Passage of Wind and Water Sculpture Project. 

Art Rapid City spokesperson Sara Olivier says South Dakota State University associate professor Christine Stewart will create a choral poem using portions of various writing submissions received.

“What Christine Stewart will do is select words and phrases from those writings that people submit to quilt together a choral poem,” explains Olivier. “So, everybody’s observations and thoughts and ideas will find their place within this choral poem that everyone will have kind of written together.”

A choral poem is a poem spoken by multiple voices.

Christine Stewart’s choral poem is scheduled to be read on June 20 during Echoing Passages – a performance of various art forms all focused on Masayuki Nagase’s Passage of Wind and Water sculpture project.