Scotland Football Enjoying Turn-Around Season

Oct 9, 2015

The state’s high school football teams continue to work for playoff spots tonight.  In one Bon Homme  County community, the team is having its best season in a decade. 

After a couple of state title games a few years ago, the football program in Scotland struggled to win.  Interest was down in the school and across the community—but the Highlanders start this weekend with five wins in five games this season.  Head Coach Ryan Robb has built the team to 30 members this year.

Robb says, “I think once you start to have a little bit of success, I think kids see that and the feel the excitement around school—on a regular school day, even.  And they say, ‘hey, we want to be a part of that.’  Two years ago, my first year here, we had 18 guys.  And to have 30 guys on the roster now is an absolute tribute to the kids for wanting to come out, put in the hard work, put in the time—we’re really lucky and fortunate to have this situation.”

Robb credits his players for bringing renewed attention to the Highlanders’ football program.

The coach reflects, “My first year here, a couple of years ago—you know, you’d get your parents and a few people from town coming to the games—a couple weeks ago, we had our Homecoming game, and we have a north and a south side to our stadium, and both sides looked packed; it was packed along the fences as well. 

"People are excited, people around town are talking about football.  It’s been a few years, but football has been a pretty proud tradition here in Scotland, and we’re trying to bring it back here again.”

Tonight, Scotland hosts Gayville-Volin—the Raiders make the trip with a three-win, two-loss record, but they’ve allowed just six points in their last three games.