Sarah McQuaid - Part 2

Jan 15, 2016

Sarah McQuaid's second set from her October, 2015 performance at the Rapid City Public Library included songs from her first three CDs, "When Two Lovers Meet," "I Won't Go Home 'Til Morning," and "The Plum Tree and the Rose."  A champion of DADGAD guitar tuning (she has even written The Irish DADGAD Guitar Book), McQuaid's voice is the perfect partner for her many numbers that delve into the Celtic, medeival and Appalachian folk sounds.  McQuaid was a tourning member of the Chicago Children's Choir at the age of 12.  Her fourth CD, "Walking Into White," was released in the U.S. last August.  You can hear McQuaid perform "Walking Into White" in full by clicking here.  It was the first of this two-part No Cover, No Minimum Radio.

Sarah McQuaid.