Sanford Lorraine Cross Nominee Brian Kaspar

Nov 9, 2018

Dr. Brian Kaspar
Credit Sanford Submitted Photo

Brian Kaspar in an innovator in the field of gene replacement technology, taking a cloned intact gene and delivering it to patients who have diseases stemming from a missin gour mutated gene. His focus in on saving children with spinal muscular atrophy.

The Lorraine Cross is the symbol recorgnized around the world synonymous for those who take action for their passions. Sanford uses this to symbolize innovation in health care. The Sanford International Board will hear presentations from the award finalists. Candidates were filtered through nominations from the public and a computer algorithm that sifted through medical publications in search of discoveries. 

Other nominees:  Dr. Jim Wilson's Career has been about identifying and defining the scientific and ethical standards for advancing gene therapies through FDS approved clinical trials. He has a passion for learning and teaching. Dr. Jean Bennett and Dr. Katherine High shared a room at a conference, discovered they had more in common than just genetic research. They work together to reverse an inherited form of blindness. They work with the RPE65 mutation and has reversed an inherited form of blindness.

The $1 million prize is announced on December 4, 2018.