SAB Biotherapeutics Creating Therapeutic To Treat COVID 19

Mar 11, 2020


Eddie Sullivan
Credit Adria Botella

A South Dakota company is working on a therapeutic to treat COVID 19 – the disease caused by the coronavirus. S-A-B Biotherapeutics has been working on other coronavirus strains and has had safety trials already conducted.  C-E-O Eddie Sullivan says they are using what they have learned to quickly advance therapeutics for COVID 19.



"The difference with what SAB Biotherapeutics is doing is that we’re actually producing the natural proteins that our bodies use to fight diseases.  We call them antibodies," says Sullivan. "And in our case, we are creating the same kinds of antibodies that our bodies would naturally produce in response to this infection. When we get sick it’s because our bodies are overwhelmed with that infection.


Sullivan says they will have a product for trails in a few months. SAB Biotherapeutics uses bovines created with human antibodies to create their products.