Rounds, Thune Vote To Advance Nominee Kavanaugh

Oct 5, 2018

Senator Mike Rounds is echoing his Republican colleagues by calling the treatment of Supreme Court nominee judge Brett Kavanaugh a “search and destroy” mission by Democrats and special interest groups.

Kavanaugh is accused by three women of sexual assault in high school and college. His drinking has also come into question.

The South Dakota Republican voted earlier Friday to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Rounds says Kavanaugh’s testimony only reinforced his decision on the nominee.

“I come to the conclusion that Judge Kavanaugh not only is imminently qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, but there just simply is no substantiation to the allegations that were made against him back in high school.”

Rounds says there have been a number of people emotionally involved in Washington DC during the Kavanaugh hearings and has been approached himself.

Rounds says Kavanaugh’s nomination is expected to wrap up by 5 pm Eastern on Saturday.