Rounds: Senate GOP Still Working To Overhaul ACA

Jul 20, 2017

Credit U.S. Senator Mike Rounds

Following a lengthy meeting at the White House Wednesday night, South Dakota US Senator Mike Rounds says Senate Republicans came to a broad agreement on overhauling the Affordable Care Act.

Another revised version of the Senate’s healthcare bill was released Thursday morning.

Rounds says debate on a revised Senate bill should come next week.

“We’ll be voting to get on the bill on Tuesday. When we say ‘get on it,’ that means we get to the point where we can start debating it. Debate, in this case, is unlimited,” Rounds says. “There will be a series of amendments offered.”

One of those amendments is from Texas Senator Ted Cruz. That amendment states as long as insurance companies offer an Obamacare compliant healthcare package, they can also offer a cheaper, less comprehensive package.

Rounds says he supports the amendment.