Rounds: Congress Needs Evidence Of Trump Wrongdoing From Recent Times Report

Oct 9, 2018

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds is downplaying a recent report from the New York Times that alleges President Donald Trump received an equivalent today of more than $400 million from his dad’s real estate empire in the 90’s.

The Times reports much of that cash came through dubious tax schemes.

The Republican senator says congress would need evidence of wrongdoing before looking into Trump’s previous dealings.

“This is the stuff that’s been… these types of activities have been made in the past,” Rounds says. “It’s nothing new, it’s kindof ho-hum right now. Accusations fly against President Trump all the time, we kind of take them in stride. It’s nothing that anybody is getting excited about up here. I doubt that much is going to happen because it’s going to seem political.”

Rounds says if Democrats take back the house they’ll likely go after the president for finances. The Republican senator says house Democrats will likely look into the impeachment process because he says the left base wants one.