The Red Willow Band

Dec 24, 2014

From 1974-1982, the Red Willow Band created music and memories to last a lifetime.  Their business card read "The Best in Country Swing."  But the Red Willow Band was much more than that.  Bouncing between rock and country, they developed a sound of their own.  Chris Gage (guitar/piano/vocals), Kenny Putnam (fiddle), Hank Harris (guitar/vocals), Marley Forman (bass guitar/vocals) and Barry Carpenter (drums) reunited as the Red Willow Band played three sets at the 35th Annual Sioux River Folk Festival hosted by the South Dakota Friends of Traditional Music at Newton Hills State Park this past August.  The Red Willow Band will be inducted into the South Dakota Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in April, 2015!

The Red Willow Band (from left) Chris Gage, Barry Carpenter, Kenny Putnam, Marley Forman and Hank Harris.
Credit The Red Willow Band