Rapid City EMS Sees Increase In Calls

May 29, 2015

Rapid City medical units responded to an increased number of calls this week. They reported 43 percent more medical calls over the Memorial Day Holiday week than an average week.  Oliver White is the Public Information Officer with the Rapid City Police Department. He says the increases are common in the summer.

“We normally see an increase in EMS calls in the summer due to an increase in the tourist traffic and people being outdoors and the teen drivers coming to and from work. But 46 is a pretty big number. It’s not the biggest we’ve seen but it’s noteworthy and it’s definitely  just kind of a wakeup call for the Rapid City Fire Department that we’re getting geared up for a busy summer,” says White.

White says that there were only two medical calls due to flooding Memorial weekend. He says neither of the calls were fatal but warns people to take precautions near water.