Public Bison Management Meetings Will Take Place

May 16, 2014

A series of public meetings on bison management in Badlands National Park's South Unit that were canceled will be held at some point in the future.
Credit Courtesy Badlands National Park

A series of public meetings scheduled to discuss bison management on the South Unit of Badlands National Park that were canceled by the park superintendent are not completely off the agenda.

Eric Brunnemann called off the meetings after getting feedback from Bureau of Indian Affairs and Oglala Sioux tribal officials that tribal members were confusing the topic of bison management with the topic of national park designation.

Superintendent Brunnemann says he extended the written comment period from May 26 to June 6 in order to collect those remarks that just focus on bison management.

“And then we bring that information back again,” Brunnemann explains. “There will be public meetings…I guarantee you, because we have to bring that back. And I think it’ll be…a better meeting.”

Brunnemann believes designation of the Badlands South Unit as the first tribal national park should be well on its way through the Congressional legislation process by that point, allowing the public meetings to then just focus on bison management. 

The public is invited to comment on the proposed bison reintroduction on-line at:

Written comments can be submitted to:

Bison Management EA
Badlands National Park
PO Box 6
Interior, SD 57750

Comment forms (attached) will also be available at public facilities such as libraries and tribal offices.