Policies Must Change As Population Grows And Planet Warms

Nov 14, 2014

On this changing planet, temperatures are rising along with the population. The result is a greater need

P.V. Sundareshwar
Credit Photo by Victoria Wicks

for resources at a time when availability of food, water, and land are shrinking.

School of Mines and Technology Professor P.V. Sundareshwar has been serving as climate change advisor with the Africa bureau of USAID.

In that role, he has worked with specialists in climate change, environment, and agriculture to ensure that plans for development in African countries can withstand climate change in the future. These teams encourage policies that incorporate climate change mitigation into the practices of farmers and local decision makers so that production, as well as profits, are increased.

Recently Sundareshwar sat down with SDPB’s Victoria Wicks to discuss his work and how it has made a difference.