Pandemic Shortages Inspire DIY Solutions

Sep 10, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in shortages of a wide variety of necessities. Most notable has been testing equipment and protective gear for healthcare workers, as well as toilet paper and disinfectant spray.

And the closing of restaurants has created a resurgence of home cooking and food preparation that has resulted in a scarcity of staples such as yeast and flour.

Those who can their own food in mason jars have difficulty right now finding lids, those flat round metal parts with a rubber seal. Canners can reuse jars and the rings that hold the lids in place in a water bath, but the lids seal just once and have to be new.

Canning experts tell Victoria Wicks that lids are hard to find in stores right now, but even in the best of times, experienced canners know to stock up.

Click on this link to see and hear Tom Chapin sing "Farmers Market Good," by Michael Mark & Tom Chapin.

The song "Breaking Bread" is sung by Johnny Cash and was written by Randy George.