Oglala Sioux Tribe Registers Dogs

Dec 8, 2014

Loose dogs, like this one in the village of Wounded Knee, need to be registered and receive vaccinations by Oglala Sioux Tribe Animal Control personnel by December 19. From that date forward such dogs are to be considered “stray” and will then be apprehended and killed if not claimed by a person or group.
Credit Courtesy Lakota Animal Care Project

  The Oglala Sioux Tribe begins registering dogs on the Pine Ridge Reservation today (Monday) along with providing rabies shots to all those dogs registered.  The move comes as a result of the death of a young Lakota girl 3 weeks ago allegedly as the result of a dog attack.

Pet registrations and vaccinations on the Pine Ridge Reservation continue through December 19. The Oglala Sioux Tribe is not guaranteeing that every community will receive a visit from Animal Control personnel, but does assure that each of the reservation’s 9 districts are on the list.

During this time-period any individuals or groups can relocate an animal off the reservation.

Plans are still in place to begin mass dog sweeps at the end of the month. Although all requirements for rounding up dogs at that time have not been determined, the primary qualification remains as any “stray” dog. A dog is considered a “stray” if it is not registered to an owner.

Animal Control will apprehend any stray dog and will kill the dog if not claimed by any person or group.

Dog roundups on the Pine Ridge Reservation began on November 20 – two days after an 8-year old Lakota girl was found dead after she’d been sledding down a steep, snowy hill. The roundups were then postponed due to public outcry.

Autopsy results determining the actual cause of the girl’s death have not been released.