Officials Say Pine Ridge Men Not Victims Of Foul Play

Jul 8, 2016

Credit Pine Ridge Police Department

Officials with the US Attorney’s office say three men found dead on Pine Ridge in May were not victims of foul play.   Officials say an extensive investigation showed Juan Lamont, Tevin Tyon  and Tyrell Wilson died from injuries sustained in a car accident.

Officials say rumors on the disappearance and death of three men have circled in the community.

Officials report that the three men were in a vehicle that left the road, drove through a field and then plunged 60 feet into a ravine below. They say after an investigation by various organizations, foul play can be ruled out completely. Gregg Peterman is assistant United States Attorney in Rapid City.

“Absolutely no foul play was detected in a rather extensive investigation. Both autopsies, examinations of the young men and also a thorough examination of the vehicle and the area surrounding the place where the car came to rest,” says Peterman.

Peterman adds that it’s important to end rumors surrounding the young men’s disappearance and deaths to offer the families of the victims’ closure from what he calls a tragic accident.

“Matters like this often result in the rumor mill sometimes coming out with all sorts of claims that are simply not true and we didn’t want there to be false rumors about any of the activities that the young men may have been engaged in, any wrongdoing that persons might have suggested was happening with them,” says Peterman.

The disappearance of the three men in May prompted a wide spread search of Pine Ridge and the surrounding area.  Officials say both tribal and non-tribal agencies assisted in the search and lengthy investigation that followed. 

Find more information by visiting South Dakota's U.S. Attorney's website.