Officials Increase Releases From Pactola Reservoir

Jun 18, 2018

Officials are increasing Pactola Reservoir releases due to substantial amounts of precipitation in the area around the reservoir and Rapid City.

A press release from Rapid City officials states the increase is from 105 cubic feet per second, to 125 feet per second.

Darrell Shoemaker is a spokesperson with the city. He says the increased releases took place at 9 am Monday morning.

“This morning the Bureau of Reclamation requested of the city to increase the release of water from Pactola. They have what’s called a flood pool at Pactola, so that’s usually for the overflow it goes in the flood pool area and they do all they can to avoid, or to minimize, the amount of water that goes into that flood pool area,” Shoemaker says.

Shoemaker says that water release increase takes about 8 hours to reach Rapid City.

Officials with the Parks Department are also closing off several inundated bike path crossings from Canyon Lake to Cambell Street.

More precipitation is anticipated in the area throughout the week.