Noem, Seattle Mayor, Spar On Different National Networks

Aug 27, 2020

Governor Kristi Noem is defending her comments about several major cities in the US during her speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night.

Protests are occurring in several cities across the country in response to several black people getting shot and killed by police.

It was a line she alluded to on her Twitter account earlier this week.

“From Seattle and Portland, to Washington and New York, Democrat run cities are being overrun by violent mobs,” Noem says. “The violence in rampant. There’s looting, chaos, murder. People who can afford to flee have fled.”

But the mayor of Seattle took issue with Noem’s characterization of her city.

On MSNBC, Mayor Jenny Durkin says Noem characterization of those American cities is purposefully wrong.

“I think she needs to get off twitter and get off Fox News and come see our city,” Durkin says. “It is a city that I raised my two children in and I would not have raised them anywhere else.”

Durkins comments came as MSNBC pulled away from Noem’s speech to offer a fact check.

The next morning on Fox and Friends, Noem says it’s typical that MSNBC would do that.

“But you look at what’s happening on the streets every day in these cities and normal every day people don’t want any part of it. No mother wants her children raised on the streets of Seattle or Portland right now because of the unrest, because of the violence," Noem says. "It’s not American.”

The head of the state Democratic party, Randy Seiler, says he’s disappointed in Noem’s speech because it left out one thing -- South Dakota.

“Instead, chose to follow the Trump party line, basically blaming the democrats for everything, including violence in our cities,” Seiler says.

Seiler says last week, Democrats focused on light, integrity and inclusiveness.