Nearly 30 USD Students Involved In A Bus Crash

Aug 30, 2016

About 30 University of South Dakota students were involved in a bus crash Tuesday morning, August 30th.  U-S-D Vice-President and Dean of Students, Kim Grieve, says the investigation into what happened is just beginning.

”What we know is, the students were out on a tour of Vermillion with one of their classes, and a car hit the bus that they were in.  They’ve checked out all the students—I don’t have a report, but it seems like all the students are doing well, and they’re all being loaded on another bus to be taken back to the university,” Grieve said.

At least one student complained of neck pain after the crash.  The auto involved received heavy damage.  The Vermillion School District bus had some broken windows on the door, with a large dent in the middle of the vehicle.