Moment In Sound With Kenny Feidler

Mar 29, 2019

In The Moment ... March 29, 2019 Show 546 Hour 1

Kenny Feidler and Clade Schuelke
Credit Chynna Lockett

Kenny Feidler grew up in Baltimore. As a fan of Chris LeDoux, he began riding bareback horses and writing songs centered around the lives of rodeo cowboys.

Like LeDoux, he sold homemade recordings and word of mouth was his best friend for publicity.

Feidler's hard-rocking alt-country band, The Cowboy Killers, plan on plenty of shows this spring and summer, including a date in Philip on June 14. 

The bands new CD, "The Cowboy Killers, was released earlier this year.

Feidler and his lead guitarist Clade Schuelke stop by for Moment in Sound.