In The Moment ... Moment In Sound With Judd Hoos

Jun 1, 2017

In The Moment ... June 1, 2017 Show 105 Hour 1

Judd Hoos is an American rock band based in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The band has been fine-tuning a full-length album set for release tomorrow. It's called “Music in the Dark.” Their single "Breathe In" charted number 23 on the iTunes New rock charts when it was released a year ago. Tyler Bills, Andy Young and Chris Hornick join us from the SDPB studios at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City.

One of America's treasured creatures is getting more room to roam. Today, Badlands National Park celebrates the beginning of its bison rangeland expansion. SDPB's Leah Cover speaks with Badlands National Park Superintendent Mike Pflaum about the changes it will bring.

Nate Wek
Credit Chris Laughery

SDPB’s Nate Wek joins us with highlights from the state track meet, including a compelling story of athletes supporting one another.

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SDPB’s Kevin Woster reflects on Memorial Day traditions in South Dakota. You can find his blog at: