In The Moment ... Innovation: Data, Hurricane Irma & Chemistry

Sep 8, 2017

Emily Griese, Ph.D.
Credit Lori Walsh

Emily Griese, Ph.D., director at Sanford Research joins the program to discuss findings from a study of real-time patient data. The data was made available as part of a collaboration with academic institutions to study it for trends and insights.

Ryan Bartz & Richard Parent-Johnson
Credit Lori Walsh

Ryan Bartz is the Marketing and Communications Specialist for the USD Center for Disabilities and Richard Parent-Johnson is a Senior Research Associate. They discuss the annual Symposium event held Sunday, September 10th through Tuesday, September 12th at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

Kelly Serr is the Warning coordination Meteorologist wit the National Weather Service in Aberdeen. The NWS is adding additional daily weather balloon launches to help forecast Hurricane Irma. We discuss the difference in technology from weather balloons and satellite and radar and how the entire country assists with catastrophic storms.

Ranjit Koodali, Ph.D.
Credit Chris Laughery

Dr. Ranjit Koodali joins us regularly to discuss the latest in chemistry research around the country. Koodali is a chemistry professor and dean of the USD Graduate Education program. We discuss how chemistry explains why you shouldn’t stare at the solar eclipse without protection.