In The Moment ... "An Inconvenient Truth: The History Behind Sioux San Lands And West Rapid City"

May 2, 2017

In The Moment ... May 2,2017 Show 084 Hour 2

Karen Mortimer
Credit Chynna Lockett

As Rapid City continues to struggle with relations between Native and non-Native people, the Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi Ambassadors present an in-depth look at the history of land transfers in West Rapid City. The Ambassadors believe history matters and relationships matter. They present

"An Inconvenient Truth: The History Behind Sioux San Lands and West Rapid City" Thursday, May 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the Journey Museum. Karen Mortimer, Kibbe Conti, and Heather Dawn Thompson join In the Moment for a conversation about forced assimilation, the legacy of land transfers, and how knowing our collective history can change the conversation around race today. 

Hugh Weber

SDPB contributor Hugh Weber is the host of The Potluck Society podcast. He returns to In the Moment with the story of two filmmakers and how love of the creative process and love of one another can transform the work we do in the world.