In The Moment ... The Extraordinary Power Of The Tangible

Mar 14, 2017

In The Moment ... March 14, 2017 Show 049 Hour 2

Lori Walsh prepares to welcome Hugh Weber to In the Moment. The two discuss the power of tangible objects in a world of technology. What better way to close the conversation than with an old-fashioned hand-written note?
Credit Lori Walsh

SDPB Podcaster Hugh Weber joins us to talk about the extraordinary power of the tangible. Today we meet PunkPost founder Alexis (Lex) Monson. PunkPost allows users to text a message through the app to a scriptist who then hand scripts onto a letter-pressed card and send it in the mail.


Lee Strubinger speaks with state Representative Karen Soli about the bill that establishes the Government Accountability Board. Governor Dennis Daugaard signed the bill last week.

Dr. Brian Maher

Dr. Brian Maher, Superintendent of the Sioux Falls School District joins the show to have a little fun talking about his son pole vaulting and he talks about the computer science immersion program being added to 3 Sioux Falls elementary schools.