Main Street Square Writing Workshop

May 16, 2014

Written observations of The Passage of Wind and Water Project will be gathered into a chorale poem.
Credit Courtesy Christine Stewart

A writing workshop is taking place this Saturday at Rapid City’s Main Street Square. The goal is to collect impressions of The Passage of Wind and Water sculpture project for a chorale poem about the art work.

Christine Stewart is an associate professor at South Dakota State University and a published poet. She’s been gathering written comments about Masayuki Nagase’s Passage of Wind and Water Project since last Fall.

South Dakota State University associate professor and published poet Christine Stewart.
Credit Courtesy Christine Stewart

“And I kind of patch all that together into a chorale poem…which is a poem spoken by more than one voice,” explains Stewart. “So, on June twentieth, we’ll have a recording of the choral poem. And it will be in three different voices. And sometimes one person will say one line, two people will say the same line, three people will say the same line…and then it kind of sounds like music that way.”

The workshop is open to people of all ages and not specific to one’s talent. Stewart hopes to gather enough comments to create a 5-minute chorale poem. The poet’s Vocal Quilt is set to be presented to the public in June at Rapid City’s Performing Arts Center.

Stewart hopes to continue adding lines to the chorale poem for the duration of the Passage of Wind and Water Project – which is scheduled for completion in 2017.