May 15, 2019

In The Moment ... May 15, 2019 Show 576 Hour 2

Travis Kowalski, Seth Keene & Crystal McMachen
Credit Chynna Lockett

Math is commonly is considered a four letter word but instilling the next generation with strong math skills is a key part of maintaining a solid economy into the future. Travis Kowlaski is professor of mathematics at the South Dakota School of Mines, he just won the Mathematics Association of America regional Burton W Jones distinguished teaching award. Seth Keene teaches math at Stevens High School and is Rapid City's teacher of the year. Krystal McMachen (Mc-Mack-En) is an 8th grade math teacher at South West Middle School and was recognized as an outstanding math teacher last year. SDPB's Cara Hetland recently spoke with all 3 of these educators about what it takes to get kids excited about math.

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