Lust To Fill Dryden’s Legislative Seat By Governor Appointment

Sep 26, 2016

Credit Sd Legislature

Governor Dennis Daugaard is appointing former state Representative David Lust of Rapid City to fill the seat of a state lawmaker who passed away last month.

The late Representative Dan Dryden’s term ends this year and he’s technically still up for re-election.

Former state Representative David Lust was first elected to the legislature in 2007. He also served as the house majority leader from 2011 to 2015. He was then term limited.

Representative Dryden passed away after a battle with cancer, leaving a vacancy in District 34. Governor Daugaard appointed Lust to finish out the term.

But Dryden’s name still remains on the ballot. If Dryden is re-elected, Governor Daugaard indicates he will appoint Lust to complete that term as well.

Lust says Dryden’s wife encouraged him to volunteer for the job…

“Dan and I were good friends," Lust says. "And Judy was very encouraging and very pleased to know that I would think about it. We actually had spoken about it before Dan passed. So, it feels good to fulfill Dan’s commitment and know that at least Judy thinks he would be confident in me serving.”

Lust says if Dryden is re-elected he will serve in the same composed and relaxed style as the late representative. He says he had no previous plans of returning to politics…

“I’m not, will not be running again for the legislature," Lust says. "This is an opportunity to serve for two years in unusual circumstances. I discussed with my family and my partners here at the law firm and I think it’s something I can do for the next two years and be able to manage it in a reasonable manner.”

Lust is an attorney in Rapid City.

District 34 includes western Rapid City, and the areas west of Mt. Rushmore Road, like Sioux San Hospital and West and Southwest Middle Schools.