Lawmakers Appreciate SDHSAA Efforts

Jan 21, 2014

Lawmakers want answers from the South Dakota High School Activities Association.  They have received public complaints over issues revealed at last week's board meeting.  Officials from the Activity Association met with lawmakers Tuesday evening in Pierre.

At its regular monthly meeting the South Dakota High School Activities Association discussed many issues including changes for high school football and guidelines for state events or tournaments. Tuesday’s meeting lasted around two hours but lawmakers say it was worth the time. Republican State Senator Al Novstrup says he needed to know how to respond to public complaints. 

"They interact with our schools and the schools are publically supported by taxpayer’s dollars, so it’s good for us to know what their goals, what they’re hoping to accomplish. I’m on the appropriation committee and what we do with all the bureau’s and all the departments and the South Dakota High School Activities Association is report, tell us how you’re doing," Novstrup says.

Lawmakers also want to clarify if the Activities Association is a public or private organization.  Some documents have not been made public leaving mixed opinions.  Several lawmakers believe the organization is public because employees of the Activities Association are under the South Dakota Retirement System. Executive Director Wayne Carney says current law doesn't define the situation. No action was taken at the meeting but some lawmakers hint at filing legislation.